Simple Migration Procedure

Keep all your e-mail, calendar items, etc. while moving to the cloud as the power of Microsoft Azure cloud technology allows seamless migration of all historical data to Microsoft Exchange Online. Once the process is complete, your users can simply pick up where they left off with a great new interface and even more features than before.

Security and Availability

Benefit from features such as spam—filtering, anti-malware, quarantine management, data loss prevention, DR, etc. All of these can be adjusted by your administrators so Microsoft Exchange Online can adapt to fit your needs. In addition to that, Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% up-time, so you will experience virtually no service disruptions.

Manageability and maintenance

Microsoft Exchange Online provides your administrative team with the ultimate tool, the Exchange Admin Centre. From here, your team can manage users, set up shared mailboxes for multiple users to access, configure mail flow rules and processing, edit security settings, manage policies on mobile devices, etc. System updates and modifications are now automated and so there is no more administrative overhead involved in maintaining on-premise mail environment

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